Bahaya Pemasaran Agresif Susu Formula

WHO dan Badan PBB untuk Anak-anak (Unicef) melaporkan banyaknya praktik buruk pemasaran susu formula yang melanggar standar internasional. Promosi yang didengungkan ke orangtua dan petugas kesehatan sering menyesatkan. Peringatan telak Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO) seharusnya membangunkan kita untuk sebisa mungkin menjauhkan bayi kita dari susu formula. WHO secara mengejutkan mengeluarkan laporan berjudul How Marketing of Formula Milk Influences Our Decisions on Infant Feeding (Bagaimana Pemasaran Susu Formula Memengaruhi Keputusan Kita tentang Pemberian Makan Bayi).

A Closer Look at Lupus Nephritis

The immune system serves as the body's defense against foreign substances or microorganisms that enter the body. Under certain circumstances, however, the immune system may have difficulty recognizing and distinguishing invaders from human cells. Instead of combating foreign substances invading the human body, a weakened immune system might produce antibodies that assault the body's healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Autoimmune disease is the medical term for this disorder. Autoimmune disease is one of the global health problems with an unknown exact number of patients, but the number is projected to rise year after year. Data from the National Institute of Health in the United States (USA) reports that more than 20 million people in the US (or about 7 percent of the total population) have autoimmune diseases ( 101).

Mengenal lebih dekat Lupus Nefritis

Sistem imun yang sehat berfungsi sebagai alat pertahanan tubuh terhadap masuknya zat asing atau infeksi mikroorganisme ke dalam tubuh manusia. Namun, pada kondisi tertentu, sistem imun dapat mengalami gangguan untuk mengenali dan membedakan musuh dengan sel manusia itu sendiri. Alih-alih menyerang benda asing yang menginvasi tubuh manusia, sistem imun yang bermasalah justru dapat menghasilkan antibodi untuk menyerang sel, jaringan dan organ tubuh manusia yang sehat. Kondisi inilah yang disebut sebagai penyakit autoimun. Penyakit autoimun adalah salah satu masalah kesehatan global yang jumlah pasti penderitanya masih belum diketahui, namun diperkirakan jumlahnya terus meningkat dari tahun ke tahun. Data dari National Institute of Health di Amerika Serikat (AS) melaporkan bahwa lebih dari 20 juta orang di AS (atau sekitar 7 persen dari total populasi) mengidap penyakit autoimun

Management of Chronic Kidney Failure in Transition to Endemic

The Government is increasingly confident in responding to the downward trend in daily Covid-19 cases. Since February 4, 2022, the government has decided to open Bali to foreign tourist arrivals with quarantine procedures. Starting March 7, foreign tourists may enter Bali without quarantine. That is the policy to encourage Bali's tourism economy with the belief that the situation is getting better. Indeed, the curve is getting sloping even though it has not yet reached the safe level nationally. On March 14, 2022, daily cases only increased by 14,900, already a far decrease from the peak of the third wave on February 16 which reached 64,718 people. This reduction was achieved due to a combination of things, such as health protocols, restrictions on social mobility, and, of course, the achievement of mass vaccination. The first dose of vaccination has reached 193,014,314 people (92.68% of the total target).

Celebrating Eid while Beware of XE Variant

  After two years of not celebrating Eid al-Fitr due to the pandemic, muslims can finally celebrate the end of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. As a country with the largest muslim population in the world, the moment of this holiday is celebrated so lively with local traditions that we know as "Lebaran". As a tradition and part of Indonesian culture, Lebaran is strongly colored by the local atmosphere. Eid is marked by a large flow of going home (mudik). Millions of people flocked back to their hometowns using various modes of transportation. After Eid prayer, often held in open fields, people enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, followed by the tradition of visiting each other's relatives and neighbors, apologizing, and even the young paying respect to the elderly. Meanwhile, the children were busy choosing treats of various snacks and receiving Eid gifts from their parents and relatives. The atmosphere of Eid is full of brotherhood, delicious food, full of joy and full of blessings.