Accelerating National Research in 2022

We have just left 2021 and entered 2022. We all hope that the Covid-19 pandemic can be more under control, the economy grows evenly, and we can achieve progress in all fields. We also hope that academics and scientists will continue to conduct research in all fields to catch up with the progress that we have not yet achieved. Research is the foundation of a nation's progress, and one of the benchmarks for research progress is the achievement of the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize is a great honor for scientists, writers and humanitarian fighters. So far, the Nobel prizes for the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Economics have always been dominated by scientists from European countries and the United States (US). Only recently have scientists from developed Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea or Israel won the Nobel Prize as well.

Memasuki 2022 dengan Memacu Riset Nasional

BARU saja kita meninggalkan 2021 dan memasuki 2022. Kita semua berharap semoga pandemi covid-19 bisa semakin terkendali, ekonomi tumbuh merata, dan kita raih kemajuan di semua bidang. Kita juga berharap agar para akademisi dan ilmuwan terus melakukan riset di segala bidang untuk mengatasi ketertinggalan kita.  Riset ialah fondasi kemajuan bangsa dan salah satu benchmark kemajuan riset ialah pencapaian hadiah Nobel. Meraih hadiah Nobel ialah kehormatan besar bagi ilmuwan, satrawan, dan pejuang kemanusiaan. Sejauh ini, untuk penghargaan Nobel untuk bidang fisika, kimia, biologi, kedokteran, dan ekonomi selalu didominasi ilmuwan dari negara-negara Eropa dan Amerika Serikat (AS). Baru belakangan, mulai disusul ilmuwan dari negara Asia yang maju, seperti Jepang, Korea Selatan (Korsel), atau Israel.

Care and Protect from Chronic Kidney Disease

'PeduliLindungi' (Care-Protect) has become two very popular words today because they represent a very effective success in stopping the spread of Covid-19. 'PeduliLindungi' is a government website and application that is very useful in responding to Covid-19 developments, including providing information on Covid-19 vaccinations, latest swab data, and registration of individual vaccinations. These two words mean that we care for each other and protect ourselves, including tracking infected people in the crowd. The hope is that we can be vigilant and protect each other from further exposure to Covid-19. As a matter of fact, the substance of 'care and protect' needs to be developed not only for the Covid-19 disease. The government and all of us need to pay attention to all lines of health towards acute and chronic diseases, including chronic kidney disease (CRD).

Towards the Endemic and a New Balance

The passing of the delta variant rampage raises hopes of an accelerated 'truce' with the corona virus. Although there are still concerns about the emergence of a new variant, the current delta variant can be considered the peak of the viciousness of Covid-19. By consistently preventing and treating this disease, as well as continuing to develop herd immunity, it is hoped that the direction from the pandemic to endemic will be clearer. The deadly dance of the delta variant has receded. Although the community activity restrictions (PPKM) continue to be extended, the number of areas with significant level of danger is decreasing. However, epidemiologists warn that, even though the situation is improving and mass vaccinations continue to be carried out, we should not be careless and excessively euphoric.

Blocking the Third Wave

This is the most recent variant to emerge from the series of coronavirus mutations that are aggressively destroying Europe today. The microscopic coronavirus is continuing to turn the world upside down. At the beginning of World War II, Germany surprisingly launched a blitzkrieg, or lightning attack, in 1939 and succeeded in crushing Europe, and then crossed into Africa in 1941. Because of his success in claiming power all the way to Africa, Erwin Rommel, the general of the 7th Panzer division, was nicknamed the “Wolf of the Desert”. Eighty years later in November 2021, it was the “African troops” that launched a blitzkrieg against Germany. The difference is, these troops are invisible armed forces formed of the Covid-19 virus from the Omicron "division". This is the most recent variant to emerge from the series of coronavirus mutations that are aggressively destroying Europe today.