A Study on iPTH Normality in DM Non-DM Status Among Hemodialysis Population in Surabaya, Indonesia

Introduction: One could speculate that dialysis patients in the developing countries differ in their biological character normal values from those in the developed countries, including the iPTH profile. Various studies reveal that iPTH level variety in dialysis patients may change according to the patients' characteristics, such as Asian race, and the presence or absence non‐diabetes mellitus (DM) and DM status. The objective of this research was to study various iPTH normality in DM‐non DM status among hemodialysis patients in Surabaya.


Methods: A total of 150 hemodialysis patients were included in this study, consisting of 101 males (67%) and 49 females (33%). A number of 114 (76%) received HD < 2x a week and 36 (24%) received HD 2x a week. Fourty‐eight patients (32%) had DM, while as many as 102 (68%) were non‐DM. Serum iPTH was measured using immunoradiometric assay.


Results: This study showed there was no significance in patients with DM compared to those without DM (P = 0.032) using normal iPTH level of 200–300 pg/ml (OR: 1.302, p: 0.403), or 150–300 pg/ml (OR: 1.402, p: 0.265), or 150–250 pg/ml (OR: 0.007, p: 0.536). However, when normal iPTH level of >150 pg/ml was used, the result was significant (OR: 347, p: 0.005), which means the status of DM had the risk of 0.347 times lower than non‐DM for the incidence of iPTH abnormality (>150 pg/ml). The use of normal iPTH level (<50 pg/ml, >150 pg/ml) also provided significant results (OR: 0.440, p: 0.016), which means that DM status had a risk of 0.440 times lower than non‐DM for the incidence of iPTH abnormality (<50 pg/ml, >150 pg/ml).


Conclusion: DM‐non DM status correlates with iPTH normal level in different normalities. DM‐nonDM status only prevails in normal iPTH level of 50 pg/ml–150 pg/ml. DM‐nonDM status correlates with abnormalities of <50 pg/ml and >150 pg/ml and iPTH abnormality of >150 pg/ml only. Whereas, no correlation is present with iPTH abnormality of <50 pg/ml.

Source: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/nep.12237

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