#covid-19 pandemic

Being Agile Against the Pandemic

Only a day after declaring the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic (11/3/2020), director general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, sent a letter to President Jokowi. The WHO asked that President Jokowi immediately declare a national emergency; build a laboratory of adequate scale; expand case search, tracking, monitoring and careful data collection; and intensify preventive measures, including by encouraging people to wash their hands frequently. However, this is an “exasperated” response on the part of WHO to see Indonesia’s response, which was considered too relaxed. For more than two months, the Health Ministry boasted a zero status of positive COVID-19 cases. However, on Monday (2/3/2020), two weeks ago, the defense was broken. The President announced that two Indonesian citizens had tested positive for COVID-19. There was a Japanese citizen visiting Indonesia, then continuing to Singapore. A careful examination in Singapore confirmed that the Japanese had tested positive for COVID-19. Tracking was later conducted in Indonesia on someone who made contact with the Japanese citizen. The person was found and tested positive for being infected, then the President announced it.

Key to being at Peace with Coronavirus

For more than three months, we have been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. The peak of the infection and death curves have not yet been visible. The broader sector of our lives is affected badly. We are increasingly forced to survive until one day a vaccine and medicine are found. We are forced to increasingly accept the presence of this virus as a reality, although it is very dangerous. This is the “order” of the new world because of COVID-19. The fields of health, the economy, social relations, political processes and work culture all change and reformat the rules of the game. The new format can be long-term, even permanent. Because, it is estimated, this coronavirus will not be destroyed at all. Its ability to spread, mutate, and adapt to it new host is very quick. The coronavirus continues to mutate to maintain its life, while humans must also survive with their immune system, which is basically very sophisticated. Therefore, a kind of invitation arises that we begin to get used to living with the coronavirus, the invisible “cunning and cruel parasite”.