#demographic bonus

Depopulation and the Threat of Demographic Disaster

Without access to quality education, especially vocational education, the demographic bonus is at risk of being missed. The problem depopulation not only affects Japan, South Korea and Singapore, but also China. Have these symptoms also spread to Indonesia? Japan is a prosperous and advanced country with a culture of hard work, discipline, and admirable ethics. Its industries are advanced, and the per capita income of its citizens is high. The education and healthcare services offered by the country are also good. As a result, the life expectancy of its citizens is higher compared to most other countries. In Japan, it is very common to find elderly citizens who are still healthy. In terms of demographics, the number of elderly citizens is quite large. Therefore, the national age of Japanese citizens is increasing.

Towards Quality Generation 2045

The demographic bonus is an important capital for Indonesia to become a developed country in 2045. However, the threat of climate change, as well as geopolitical problems, need attention so that the dream of becoming a developed country can be realized. This August, we are once again commemorating the independence of our country proclaimed by Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta in 1945. What have we achieved at the age of 78? A number of data can be disclosed, both those that have been achieved and those that have not yet been achieved. Usually, in points that have failed or not succeeded yet, we will justify it by saying, "we will make it a lesson". However, there is something no less important than evaluating what has happened, which is what we intend to target when we reach the age of 100 later?