VoC Delta Invasion to Kudus and Bangkalan

 The Covid-19 variant from India invaded by riding on our recklessness. As a result, Indonesia's Covid-19 positive patients suddenly jumped dramatically, starting from Kudus. According to reports, the reason for the incident was that locals observed the bakdo kupat or Lebaran ketupat ritual seven days after Eid al-Fitr without much fervor. They congregated, swarmed, and visited one another. The Covid-19 delta variation propagated among the locals from there. So, the case of transmission exploded in the city center of kretek cigarettes. The number of patients in hospitals increased, and the death toll rose.The results of the whole genome sequencing (WGS) analysis, which were released by Siti Nadia Tarmizi, director of prevention and control of direct infectious diseases at the Ministry of Health, confirmed this rise. She said that 28 of the 34 Kudus specimens that were analyzed tested positive for the delta variation.

Consistency in Fighting Covid-19

Insensible people who blow Covid-19 conspiracy theories and loath vaccination are few, but loud. It can influence public opinion so that there is distrust in the government's handling of the pandemic. As we are desperately struggling to contain the devastating attack of the Delta variant of Covid-19, Europe is raucously partying in soccer games. Soccer fans are enjoying live broadcast of the Euro Cup 2020 matches with the audience almost filling up the stadium capacity. The spectators cheer and prance, and the majority of them look to be feeling comfortable without masks. To enter the stadium, apart from the tickets, local spectators simply need to show vaccination certificates while foreign nationals must show negative swab test cards. How could this happen? England and Hungary, which are two among a number of the hosting counties of the Europe’s biggest soccer championship, claim to have vaccinated more than 90 percent of their citizens.

Invasi VoC Delta ke Kudus dan Bangkalan

VARIAN covid-19 dari India itu menginvasi dengan menunggangi kesembronoan kita. Akibatnya, pasien positif covid-19 Indonesia tiba-tiba melonjak drastis, berawal dari Kudus. Seperti diberitakan, penyebabnya ialah warga santai saja menjalani tradisi bakdo kupat (Lebaran ketupat), tujuh hari setelah Idul Fitri. Mereka berkerumun, bergerombol, dan saling mengunjungi. Di situlah varian delta covid-19 ikut ‘menari-nari’ di antara warga.  Maka, meledaklah kasus penularan di kota pusat rokok kretek itu. Rumah sakit menjadi penuh pasien, dan angka kematian melonjak. Lonjakan ini diperkuat hasil pemeriksaan whole genome sequencing (WGS) yang diumumkan Direktur Pencegahan dan Pengendalian Penyakit Menular Langsung Kementerian Kesehatan Siti Nadia Tarmizi. Ia mengatakan dari 34 spesimen dari Kudus yang di periksa, 28 di antaranya positif varian delta.