Anti-inflammatory effect of ethyl acetate fraction of galing plant extract (Cayratia trifolia) on male wistar rats induced by carrageenan


Inflammation (inflammation) is a local reaction from living tissue or cells to an excitatory or injury. This study aims to determine the anti-inflammatory activity of ethyl acetate fraction of galling plant extract (Cayratia trifolia) on one of the inflammatory parameters, namely swelling in the legs of rat with 1% carrageenan induction. In addition, this study also aims to determine the effective dose of ethyl acetate fraction of galing plant extract (Cayratia trifolia) as anti-inflammatory. This study used 25 male wistar rats divided into 5 groups. Group 1 (negative control) Na CMC 0.5%, group 2 (positive control) diclofenac sodium 0.0065 mg/gBW rats, and group 3, 4 and 5 suspension ethyl acetate fractions of galing plant extract 0.0065; 0.013 and 0.026 mg/gBB rats. Inflammation in rats by inducing 1% carrageenan as much as 0.10 ml. The volume of edema every hour is known from the difference in foot volume at certain hours with normal foot volume. The AUC value of the edema volume was calculated by trapezoid method every one hour and calculated for anti-inflammatory power (IP). The results showed that ethyl acetate fraction of galing plant extract (Cayratia trifolia) could reduce the volume of udema in the legs of male white wistar rats which was induced by caragenine with an effective dose of 0.0065 mg/gBW.


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