Screening in Proteinura-Hematuria Among 5 - 26 Years Old Students in Closed Community School in Surabaya, Indonesia

The prevalence of low-income families Indonesian adults of age less than 50 years old with end stage renal disease (ESRD) has shown a steady increase for the recent three years. The chronic kidney disease (CKD) progress from earliest stage to end stage takes up to 5-20 years enables to find effective strategies for prevention when early detection is made. The objective of this study was to perform the prevalence of urinalysis abnormality (hematuria-proteinuria) and to analyze its associated factors. In this study the urine specimens of 459 students were collected. The blood and protein detection was tested by protein dipstick and light-microscopic examination. Physical examination and medical history were performed in cross-sectional study. This study reported that among a group of students aged 5-26 were found 154 cases of 459 students (33.6%) with urine abnormality as marked with the presence of both proteinuria and hematuria, that of proteinuria alone as well as both proteinuria and hematuria were also recorded (26.5%, 3.7%, 3.3%, respectively).In 15-26) the younger group showed a higher prevalence (41%) than the older group (15-26) showed 28.4%. Three from nine analyzed factors associated with the contribution of high prevalence of urine abnormality were significant. The younger group showed higher prevalence, male group showed greater prevalence and students without insurance coverage showed higher prevalence. In conclusion, there exist significant interrelationships between hematuria and other indicators. Hence socioeconomic and other conditions are important aspects which should be taken into account in formulating health policies, implementing health programmes. Economic crisis can have impact on vital organ maturity development in children in the early age.


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