Our Universities toward Golden Indonesia 2045. Are They Ready?

The countdown to the Golden Indonesia 2045 is currently underway. This year's National Education Day 2021 coincides with the 76th anniversary of Independence Day. Our great hope is that when we are having centennial celebration of our Independence Day in 2045, all Indonesian people will have been able to access good education and produce excellent and competent human resources who are able to take part at global level in their respective fields. The ongoing pandemic in its second year offers an excellent opportunity to pause and consider the successes and failures of our nation's higher education system. One of the important questions is whether our universities are ready enough to welcome 100 years of the independence, in accordance with the vision of becoming an industrial country?

University of Tartu and Airlangga University discussed cooperation possibilities

On 23 September, the University of Tartu hosted the delegation of Airlangga University, Indonesia. At the meeting, the parties introduced their activities and goals, and discussed future cooperation. The University of Tartu received a diverse delegation led by Princess Adriana Sri Lestari, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia to the Special Capital District of Jakarta, Rector of Airlangga University Professor Mohammad Nasih, and the Head of Academic Senate Professor Djoko Santoso. On behalf of the University of Tartu, the guests were received by Rector Toomas Asser, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Aune Valk, Head of the Asia Centre Elo Süld, Associate Professor in Orthodontics Triin Jagomägi, Deputy Head for Academic Affairs of the Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies Maili Vilson, Head of International Cooperation Kristi Kerge, Head of International Protocol Sirje Üprus and Professor of International Relations Theory Eiki Berg.

Abdee Slank and the Miracle of the Kidney

Slank fans are undoubtedly saddened by the news that Abdi Negara Nurdin, or Abdee, was compelled to stop performing on stage. The Slank guitarist, who lends the Slank songs a distinctive color, must concentrate on his ailing kidney. "I have attempted to live without dialysis or a transplant for the last four years, but it is difficult. I feel weak, nauseaous, and dizzy every day. My kidney illness has progressed", according to Abdee, as quoted by detikcom (17/3/2015). He had to visit doctors often throughout the time in order to get relief from his misery, including through alternative medicine, whatever that meant. He finally said, "I did need a transplant". The range of treatments decreases as the kidney disease becomes more severe and chronic. Two kidneys must be replaced if they are apparently not working.

Preventing Mass Torture of the Kidney

The KIDNEY is an important organ of the body that performs many vital functions. Failure to treat several diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, kidney stones, or indiscriminate drug consumption will end up in kidney failure or chronic kidney disease (CKD). This is something scary. Even in developed countries such as the United States, 16 percent of the adult population suffers from the disease, with 52 percent of deaths from cardiovascular disease (Foley RN, 2003). By projecting the prevalence rates in the US, it is estimated that more than 24 million Indonesians currently suffer from CKD, which is divided into three categories: mild, moderate, and severe.

Post-Pandemic Trend of Plant-Based Diet

After three years, the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer a threat. In addition to the grief it created, the pandemic ended up teaching us lessons. Growing awareness of a healthy lifestyle, which includes using a balanced food, is one of the lessons. According to the survey results of Kerry Indonesia, a food ingredient company with headquarters in Ireland, there are three categories of reasons why someone chooses to consume healthy food: for physical health, for the health of the planet and the environment, and for dietary reasons. The consumption of plant-based diet is one example of a healthy diet that is currently in style. Healthy food is becoming increasingly important in modern society. There are various healthy eating movements that regulate the types of foods that must be consumed and those that must be avoided, as well as how to control the frequency and timing of eating.