Management of Chronic Kidney Failure in Transition to Endemic

The Government is increasingly confident in responding to the downward trend in daily Covid-19 cases. Since February 4, 2022, the government has decided to open Bali to foreign tourist arrivals with quarantine procedures. Starting March 7, foreign tourists may enter Bali without quarantine. That is the policy to encourage Bali's tourism economy with the belief that the situation is getting better. Indeed, the curve is getting sloping even though it has not yet reached the safe level nationally. On March 14, 2022, daily cases only increased by 14,900, already a far decrease from the peak of the third wave on February 16 which reached 64,718 people. This reduction was achieved due to a combination of things, such as health protocols, restrictions on social mobility, and, of course, the achievement of mass vaccination. The first dose of vaccination has reached 193,014,314 people (92.68% of the total target).

Celebrating Eid while Beware of XE Variant

  After two years of not celebrating Eid al-Fitr due to the pandemic, muslims can finally celebrate the end of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. As a country with the largest muslim population in the world, the moment of this holiday is celebrated so lively with local traditions that we know as "Lebaran". As a tradition and part of Indonesian culture, Lebaran is strongly colored by the local atmosphere. Eid is marked by a large flow of going home (mudik). Millions of people flocked back to their hometowns using various modes of transportation. After Eid prayer, often held in open fields, people enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, followed by the tradition of visiting each other's relatives and neighbors, apologizing, and even the young paying respect to the elderly. Meanwhile, the children were busy choosing treats of various snacks and receiving Eid gifts from their parents and relatives. The atmosphere of Eid is full of brotherhood, delicious food, full of joy and full of blessings.

New Chapter of Superhuman Design

The government and expert associations should set up a committee of experts in charge of compiling all matters regarding genomic research, such as academic studies, research governance, clinical trial procedures. The human genome has been completely sequenced. This scientific achievement for humanity deserves to be celebrated. Researchers across countries collaborating in the Human Genome Sequencing Consortium have succeeded in mapping and sequencing the complete human genome, the whole genetic information of human beings. Made up of superpowers the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany and China, the consortium began the major research project in 1990. They successfully started mapping the human genome in 2003, but 15 percent of the segment remained unrevealed. By the end of March 2022, the genome sequence was complete.

Moving from Pandemic to Endemic

Experts project that this pandemic will gradually become endemic. Therefore, early on, we prepare a roadmap so that we can deal with the endemic more smoothly without turmoil. The next step after the second wave of Covid-19 subsides is to continue to put health into priority (healthy oriented). Lessons from the imposition of restrictions on community activities deserve to become a stepping stone on the road map to endemic. It turns out that strict and measurable restrictions on activities can ease the rampage of the corona, so that it can open up opportunities for economic revival. This must have related with the government's attitude that is more open to receiving suggestions and criticism. The current restriction is clearly a more healthy-oriented policy, which is different from the misguided economic-oriented policy that was implemented at the beginning of the pandemic. At that time the government did not close the door to arrivals from abroad, desperately invited foreign tourists, financed buzzers, there was indifferent and slow response of the health authorities, the lack of tracing and testing, and the lack of concern for the heavy burden of health workers and health filities.

Overcoming Omicron and Future Variants

We all have the same hope: that Covid-19, which has infected 400 million people and claimed 5.8 million lives on planet Earth, will become an ordinary, mild disease, or even disappear from the face of the Earth. Don't take Omicron lightly. The impact of this variant is indeed not as severe as the Delta variant because the majority have mild symptoms. The transmission of Omicron has been very "hot" and our country is starting to be disrupted by a surge in Covid-19 cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Omicron (B.1.1.529) as a variant of concern (VoC) on 26 Nov. 2021. Invading the world over like a blitzkrieg, the number of Omicron cases is rising rapidly. In fact, the daily global increase is now 4-5 times (around 3 million cases) the peak of the Delta variant (around 750,000). Death rates followed. If the peak of Delta reached a fatality rate of 11,000 deaths per day, today Omicron kills 12,000 per day.